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24 February, 2020 / Mon, 4:18 am

Date: 31.07.2019.

Redbubble - free online platform for artists and designers

Apply your art, designs to a wide range of physical products


If you’ve got a little bit of artistic ability (or a lot) and an entrepreneurial spirit, then RedBubble might just be the perfect passive income opportunity for you.

It’s simple, fun, and potentially a great way to earn extra income by channeling your creativity into real products that individuals around the world can order and use.

What is it?

Redbubble is a free online platform where artists around the world can apply their art, designs, and concepts to a wide range of physical products.

These products can then be printed and shipped directly through Redbubble’s robust customer service network.

It allows you to focus on creating (and earning) without needing to spend hours of time managing a business.

Redbubble products range from apparel, cell phone cases, and stickers to greeting cards, wall art and home décor.

You can apply your artistic creations and designs to a wide range of products and earn royalties when they sell, all without having to give up any rights to your original artwork.

Who is it for?

Artists, creatives and designers who have always though their could be a market for the visual creations filling up their notebooks and hard drives. Plus, it’s a great way to earn a passive income without having much business savvy or prior entrepreneurial experience. Because Redbubble handles most of the marketing, sales and support, you can focus on making something awesome.

How does it pay?

It all depends on how well your designs sell, and what kinds of products you apply them to. Shirts and apparel can range between $20 to $50, while wall art and décor is generally in the $40 to $50 range. There are also smaller items like greeting cards that sell for a few bucks each, though even these sales can add up. Some users sell only a few items a year, while others sell several hundred per month. Artists generally earn 20% of all sales by default, but in a unique twist Redbubble allows artists to adjust that number by increasing the markup on their product. But be careful—too high a markup and your product won’t sell as well.

As far as the payment process, RedBubble helps you set up a shop, make sales, and ship orders. When that happens, your pay cycle begins on the 15th of every month. On that date, you’ll be paid out for each product that shipped in the month before.


  • Ability to channel creativity into earnings
  • Little to know business instincts required
  • Redbubble handles marketing, sales, shipping, and customer service
  • No limit to how many designs you can upload
  • Quick setup


  • Somewhat strict rules for what designs are considered appropriate

How to Get Started

Go to Redbubble and create an account. From there you can immediately start uploading your designs and picking the types of products you’d like featured on them.


As far as passive income is concerned, we think Redbubble is a slam dunk. It allows you to use your creative skills and all other concerns are handled by a third party. The more art you upload, the more opportunities you have to sell more items.