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24 February, 2020 / Mon, 4:41 am

Date: 31.07.2019.

Foap - app that lets anyone sell their photography and videos to businesses

Become a creator and start uploading photography on the app


If you enjoy photography, own a smartphone, and can take decent pictures, you might be able to earn some money with Foap

How Does Foap Work?

Anyone can become a creator and start uploading their photography on the app.

If businesses like your images or videos you will get paid if they use them.

There are two ways you can start earning:

1. Upload random images and hope businesses use them
2. Do Foap "missions" where you take pictures of specific things businesses are asking for (more about missions later).

Foap connect clients with the photographers. This is very convenient if you want to focus on photography and not do any marketing.

How To Get Started

Foap is available for download on iOS and Android devices. You need to make an account and then you can start uploading your photos immediately!

Note: The website is used ONLY for buying photos and videos. You can upload photos only through the app.

You MUST be the owner of the photos and you cannot upload photos taken by others.

How Much Can You Make?

All photos are sold for $10 each and you keep $5 for each sale.

Every photo can be sold multiple times which means you can earn hundreds of dollars from just one photo.

Foap pays out via PayPal.

Tips For Success With Foap

  • Some photography skills (obviously)
  • Make a diverse portfolio with different types of photos
  • Upload as many quality photos as possible
  • Upload only HQ photos because these sell better
  • Choose the right tags that would make your content easier to find and spend some time on this. Each photo can have 5-100 tags.
  • Edit the photo professionally through a software
  • Engage with the community through the forum or by rating
  • Promote your Foap profile on social media
  • Join missions to get more exposure

Foap Missions

Occasionally, there are "Foap missions" where you are challenged to submit photos of specific things.

Sometimes the missions are organized by famous brands such as Pepsi, Starbucks, MasterCard, Nivea, and others.

You compete with other photographers on the app to win prizes anywhere from $100 to a few hundred dollars.

The missions could be anything such as taking a picture of cars in traffic or a person talking on their cellphone as examples. There are always instructions of how the photo should be conceptualized and the deadline to enter.

Pros of Using Foap

  • Free to use and anyone can start
  • HQ photos isn't required (but it's recommended). So you don't need an expensive camera
  • If you already have a lot of photography you can upload it
  • Great if you already love photography

Cons of Using Foap

  • Not massive income
  • Uploading is time consuming because of writing descriptions, tags, titles for each photo
  • Can only upload photos through the app
  • Might not sell any photos until you have a decent sized portfolio


Can I upload low-quality photos?
Yes. Foap accepts every type of photo, even blurry ones! You can upload anything and everything, just do note that these types of photos don’t sell well.
Is my content copyright protected?
It is under Foap’s brand. Until someone buys your photo, they can only see it in a small size with a watermark on it. The full resolution image is available to them after they pay for it and download it.


Foap is a great way to turn your photography hobby into some passive income. Check out Foap to get started.

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