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24 February, 2020 / Mon, 4:53 am

Date: 14.05.2019.

Zilok - online platform to Rent Anything

Earn money from stuff you have sitting around


In many ways, Zilok seems like the perfect apex of the sharing economy. We love the way it allows you the opportunity to earn money from stuff you have sitting around, without having to sell it or rid yourself of it permanently. That way you can turn random junk into assets that offer continuous earnings over time.

What is it?

Zilok is an online platform marketed as the place to ‘Rent Anything.’ Individuals and businesses can list anything they have available for rent, set their rates, upload photos, and wait for users to reach out and rent what they have to offer. And if you think your item or collection of items is too obscure to be rented—don’t worry. Zilok features everything from bouncy castles to ladders, popcorn machines to video game systems. It truly is the place to rent (and make money from) anything.

When someone rents your item, they pay a retainer fee, you meet up to give them the item, and then they return it and you receive your money.

Who is it for?

Perfect for hoarders who want to earn money from everything have lying around, but can’t bring themselves to part with it permanently. Zilok allows you to earn income from your stuff aside from selling it outright. If your garage or basement is filled with things that might be useful to someone, and you can part with them for short stretches at a time, Zilok is for you.

How does it pay?

This is a tough one, as it can vary so widely from individual to individual. It all depends on how much you have to offer, how desirable your items are, and how many rentals you receive. Your best bet is to spend some time browsing the Zilok website to get a sense for the daily rental rates of related items. Then you can list your items at similar (or lower) rates in order to start raking in money. Here’s a list of some common items on Zilok and how much they might rent for:
  • Vehicles, from $25/day for a basic minivan to $500 or more for luxury cars
  • Power Tools, $10-$100/day
  • Xbox System, $25/day
  • DSLR Camera, $15/day
  • Dell Laptop, $15/day
  • Mac Laptop, $50/day
  • Microphone, $25/day
  • Event Space, $600/day
  • Espresso Machine, $35/day
  • Luxury Gown, $65/day


Earn money from stuff you already have lying around
Zilok handles the listing and marketing for you
Your possessions can earn ongoing income, as opposed to selling them which only offers a single windfall at the expense of losing an asset


  • You’ll need to meet up with a renter each time you give an item and each time they return it
  • Always the risk that someone can just run off with your item, though
  • Zilok has protections in place
  • Renters can leave reviews on your items and you, so you’ll want to make sure you advertise honestly

How to Get Started

Zilok makes it extremely easy to get started. Just go to the Zilok website, enter the item you want to rent out in the upper right-hand corner, and hit ‘Go.’ You’ll already be well on your way to earning an income from your item.


While it takes a bit more of a time investment to sustain, listing your items for rent on Zilok is a great way to turn your stuff into ongoing cash. It’s not likely to leave you rolling in cash, but it’s an impressive and impressively simple income stream that can make a difference for your financial independence.