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17 February, 2020 / Mon, 3:13 am

Date: 03.06.2019.

TaskRabbit - earn doing various jobs in your neighbourhood

Moving, furniture assembly, deliveries, cleaning...


TaskRabbit lets you earn money for doing various jobs in your neighbourhood.

The most popular listings on TaskRabbit include landscaping, helping people move, furniture assembly, deliveries, and cleaning.

Who Can Make Money?

TaskRabbit jobs range widely, but they generally don’t require formal education or training to complete. We’re talking about basic yardwork, assembling IKEA furniture, help moving furniture, TV mounting, grocery shopping, and other chore-type tasks. There are tasks that require more training and skill, but these are the exception rather than the norm.

TaskRabbit is an excellent way to access an income stream while in college, or without a degree. As long as you have some free time, a clean background, and the ability to drive to task locations on short notice, you can earn some money.

How Does It Work?

To sign up to be a Tasker, you’ll need to subject yourself to a background check as well as an in-person interview where a TaskRabbit employee will make sure that you’re trustworthy and able to handle whatever tasks you claim you can complete.

If all goes well, you can set up a profile, download the app and receive notifications when someone wants to pay you to complete a task. You can message ‘clients’ directly from the app and coordinate to get the job done. At the end of the job, you’re payed electronically for the work you’ve completed.

How Does It Pay?

TaskRabbit allows you to set your hourly rates yourself and determine your own availability. As a result, the range of earnings you can receive is wide.The average Tasker earns $380 per month, but some earn even more depending on their availability and rates. Taskers with specific skills like handyman experience can command higher rates, sometimes as high as $50/hour.


  • Set your own rates and schedule
  • Flexibility to earn more money to cover expenses when necessary
  • Meet people and complete satisfying work


  • Many TaskRabbit users are looking for inexpensive work, so rates aren’t always eye-popping
  • Onboarding process requires background check and in-person attendance at an info session in your city
  • TaskRabbit is not available everywhere

How To Get Started

Head to TaskRabbit’s registration page to start the process. They’ll walk you through every step of the onboarding to get you going.