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17 February, 2020 / Mon, 3:38 am

Date: 01.08.2019.

VIPkids - If you speak English you actually have a valuable skill

make as much as $2,000 USD every month!


If you speak English you actually have a valuable skill that millions of people are trying to learn. And platforms like VIPKid make things easy by supplying all the resources you need.

With just 3 hours of tutoring a day, you can make as much as $2,000 USD every month! All you need is a passion (and the qualifications) to teach.

In this article we will explain how VIPkid works and how to start earning!

Income Potential: $18 - $22/hour
Difficulty: Easy but has requirements

What is VIPKid?

VIPKid is an online teaching platform that helps English Second Language (ESL) teachers from around the world connect with students in China.

The best part is you don't have to be bilingual either. There are many opportunities to teach online even if English is your only language.

To date, there are more than 70,000 English teachers providing lessons to over 600,000 students aged 6 to 12!

What Are the Requirements?

VIPKid has a short list of requirements, but they are very strict about them:
  • You need a Bachelor’s Degree. It can be in any field and from any recognized university or college.
  • Some experience teaching at a K-12 level.
  • VIPKid needs you to commit to being an English teacher for at least 6 months.
  • Computer and internet connection

Potential Earnings

Online English teachers get very reasonable pay.VIPKid offers $18 to $22 USD per hour, depending on your experience level and the feedback they get from parents.

Because the lessons are all 30 minutes long, that means you’ll get paid $9 to $11 USD per lesson ($18-$22 per hour).

So how much you earn will depend on how many lessons you do.

You might have heard that preparing lessons can take a few hours. And that lowers the effective income per hour but with VIPKid, there’s no need to worry! They supply the lesson plans for you, so there’s no planning necessary.

How Does Online Tutoring With VIPKid Work?

VIPKid will connect you with students. You’ll almost never get the same student twice, but that’s okay. All VIPKid English teachers are working with the same set of worksheets.

You need to confirm schedules at least 2 weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to go over the lesson plan for each session, which will always last 30 minutes.

First, you’ll spend 25 minutes going through the worksheet with your student. If you think they’re making a lot of progress, you can always skip to the next worksheet.

Every lesson ends with a 5-minute Q&A session. This helps you you to evaluate your student’s progress.

VIPKid will track your hours for you. Between the 10th and 15th of every month, they’ll pay you via direct deposit.

Pros of VIPKid

  • Freedom to work from home
  • Set your own schedule
  • Good earning potential
  • All lessons are pre-planned for you
  • Easy job if you have good English skills
  • VIPKid offers training
  • VIPKid handles all communications with the parents
  • There isn’t a minimum number of hours/lessons you have to work
  • Potential for bonuses
  • There is a huge VIPKid community with occasional events

Cons of VIPKid

  • Long application process
  • Hours can be inconvenient
  • Sometimes, you might not be able to schedule any lessons for a few days or weeks
  • Parents can leave negative reviews without having to justify them
  • VIPKid’s support system is sometimes very slow
  • If you miss a lesson, VIPKid fines you $10 and you can only miss or cancel 6 lessons in 6 months.
  • You’ll need to do your own taxes

The Application

Start your application on the VIPkid website.

There are 5 stages of the application so keep that in mind if you're serious about applying. It looks like this:
  • Apply online by sending VIPKid your resume
  • Either record your own online teaching demo for VIPKid to evaluate you, or you can schedule a 30-minute evaluation with one of their moderators (this is the interview)
  • Go through the training program. If you don’t need ESL training, you can just watch some how-to videos to get familiar with the VIPKid platform
  • Next, you’ll need to practice teaching a class with one of VIPKid’s registered English teachers
  • If you’re accepted, you’ll sign your first 6-month contract, upload a few documents, and go through a background check
Once you’ve gone through all 5 steps, you can start scheduling lessons to get paid!


I Don’t Meet All the Requirements to Teach English with VIPKid. Where Else Can I Apply?
  • QKids has similar requirements to VIPKid, but you might still be accepted
  • Elevate K-12 asks that you have prior experience and a teaching certificate or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Wyzant only needs you to be at least 18 years old and be a U.S. citizen
  • Tutorhub is a great option if you live in the U.K., as you can set your own rates. Under/post-grad degree and prior experience is preferred, but not necessary
What Other Resources Can I Use to Help Me Teach English Online?
There are 5 awesome (and free) resources that you can use to help you do lessons online. Some of them you won’t need thanks to VIPKid’s own resources. But if you want to follow other options too, you’ll find this list handy:
  • IDROO Basic is a whiteboard you can use to illustrate lessons
  • Khan Academy has loads of free online courses you can use to plan your own lessons
  • Mometrix Academy has a library of resources for test preparation
  • SmartTutor has free worksheets up for grabs
  • TakeLessons is a great alternative to Khan Academy and SmartTutor if you need help preparing lessons

How To Apply

Thousands of people just like you are making money teaching English with VIPKids.

To start earning money with VIPkids, fill out the application here to get started!