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17 February, 2020 / Mon, 5:08 am

Date: 30.07.2019.

Listen to or review music

Turn the passion into some extra income.


There are tons of legitimate companies that will pay you to listen to or review music. If you’re a music fanatic you can turn that passion into some extra income.

These sites are scam free and you will get paid from them but it won't be significant income. Nonetheless, you can still earn something for listening to music, which is pretty awesome. If this interests you, take a look below.

Income Potential: Very Low
Difficultly: Easy

How Does It Work?

There are many legitimate companies that will pay you to listen to or review music. Some companies I recommend are Earnably, SliceThePie, Unique Rewards and MusicXray.

I recommend signing up for all them so you can make the most money. They’re free to join and easy to sign up! Read below to see how each one works.

They companies are able to pay you because your feedback helps artists, record labels, and brands make decisions (they pay for your help). The better your reviews are and the more helpful you are the more you will earn.

1. SliceThePie

SliceThePie pays you to give feedback on music as well as fashion. It is one of the largest paid review websites out there with millions of members. The more helpful your feedback and reviews are the more you will earn.

2. Earnably

Earnably pays you to listen to music and radio as well as other things like surveys, watching videos and much more.

3. MusicXray

You can rate artists and songs based on the genres you like on MusicXray. The opportunities might be slim at the beginning but you will get more offers over time as you submit more reviews.

4. Playlist Push

Are you good at putting together awesome playlists? Playlist Push will pay up to $12 per song to add a song to your playlist. To qualify you must have at least 400 followers on a Spotfiy, Apple Music or Deezer playlist.

5. Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is another place you can get paid to listen to radio, filling out surveys, watching videos and more.

6. Use Cashback Shopping Sites

A bonus way to make money is use shopping sites like Ebates or Swagbucks to pay for your music services or buy your music. These sites pay you to shop online, so you’ll get cash back when you make a purchase. Just search “Music” in the search bar to find music offers on these sites!


  • Fun if you love music or if you’re bored
  • Find new music for yourself and sometimes unreleased tracks
  • Easy to do and low effort
  • Free to sign up for all of them


  • Very low income
  • Limited in some countries


If music is a passion to you you’ll probably enjoy getting paid to listen and discover new artists. Will it make you rich? No way. But this could be a fun hobby and remember you could get paid for something you’re doing anyways… listening to music.