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17 February, 2020 / Mon, 5:08 am

Date: 30.07.2019.

Carvertise - turn your vehicle into a passive income stream

Brands can pay you to place advertisements on your vehicle


Looking to earn money without changing your day-to-day schedule? Carvertise lets you turn your vehicle into a passive income stream, all without changing your lifestyle or making any dramatic changes to your driving patterns.

What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a platform where brands can pay you to place advertisements on your vehicle.

When you sign up, a professional will come wrap your car with ads and you must keep it on for a set amount of time. Once your car is professionally wrapped you drive like you normally would except now your vehicle is producing passive income. If you don't mind having ads on your vehicle, making money doesn't get easier than this.

If you sign up and are accepted for a campaign, Carvertise will send a rep to professionally wrap your car, then remove the wrap when the campaign is over.

Who is it for?

Carvertise will ask you a series of questions when you sign up for the service. They’re essentially trying to get a sense of your driving habits to make sure you’ll be a worthwhile investment for advertising.

They’re looking for users who drive at least 30 miles per day, have a clean driving record, own a 2008 model car or newer, and have the original factory finish paint job on their vehicle. If you match all of these qualifications, you can sign up now and start earning.

How does it pay?

The standard payment rate is $100/month, though occasional promotional campaigns can pay as much as $200/month. Drivers can also volunteer to earn more by parking their cars in designated areas at certain times, earning a rate of $30/hour.

While $100/month may not change your life, it’s a great way to pay for your gas and car maintenance bills without changing anything about your lifestyle.


  • Doesn’t require additional time commitment or work on your end
  • Free to sign up
  • Carvertise will come to you to wrap your car
  • Additional opportunities to earn through targeted parking


  • Occasional waiting periods between campaigns, during which you may not be earning
  • Having an advertisement on your car isn’t always the sexiest look in the world

How to Get Started

If you want to get started with Carvertise, simply go to their site and enter your name, phone number, and email. You’ll be contacted by a representative and given a survey of your driving habits to make sure you’re a good fit. Then they’ll reach out about potential campaigns, and you can start earning cash for driving your car to the same places you always have.


There’s not many ways to earn passive income without lots of work up front. That’s why we love the idea of Carvertise . It may not lead to massive earnings, but it’s still a great way to put extra money in your pocket.