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Date: 30.07.2019.

BookScouter - website where you can sell books and textbooks

Highest possible price online


BookScouter is a website where you can sell books and textbooks for the highest possible price online. You scan your book and BookScouter compares prices from over 35 book buyback vendors for you.

This is a great way to sell your college textbooks, old books, or start a textbook resale business.

How Does BookScouter Work?

BookScouter helps you sell your books by giving you a list of prices other vendors will pay for it. When you enter the books ISBN, BookScouter automatically displays the prices from other websites so you can decide where to sell your book.

How to Sell Your Books and Textbooks

1. Enter the ISBN
Visit BookScouter and enter your books ISBN. The ISBN is a 10 or 13-digit code every book has. It can usually be found above or below the barcode of the book. It’s usually on the back of the book, although some books have it on the front page or near the last pages of the book.
2. Pick a vendor
Once you enter the books’ ISBN, you'll see a list of vendors that buy this book along with the price they will give you, shipping method and payment methods. You'll see each vendor is ranked as well which is based not only by price but also by their speed of payment, shipping conditions, popularity and previous history on Bookscouter.
3. Ship The Book
Before you ship your book to a specific vendor, make sure it meets all the criteria the vendor looks for, otherwise, it might be rejected. Most common causes of rejection of books are missing pages, broken spines, excessive writing or highlighting on the pages, or water damage.

Place it into a safe packaging. Usually, the vendors pay the shipping costs and provide a packaging box, but sometimes you will be responsible for doing this on your own. Once your book arrives to the vendor they will release payment.
4. Get Paid
You just got paid! Most vendors pay through PayPal or check, but you can find the specific payment information on the initial rank list you see after entering the ISBN. It usually takes one day to one week to get the money in your account.
5. Rate The Vendor
After you’ve received your payment, you’re given the option to rate the vendor. This is a great way to tell others about your experience with this specific vendor, so people can know which vendors to avoid, and which ones are good to work with.

Pros of Bookscouter

  • Super easy to use
  • You always get the best deal and pick your buyer
  • Can be done as a side hustle or just to clean out your old books
  • You can buy textbooks really cheap on campuses and flip them on BookScouter

Cons of Bookscouter

  • You don’t see the underlying fees of each website
  • There's some scanner complaints
  • Not every book is guaranteed to have buyers
  • Need to sell a lot of books to make good money


What if my book doesn’t have an ISBN?
Most books have an ISBN make sure to double check the last few pages as well. However, books published before 1970 may not have it, which means you wouldn’t be able to use Bookscouter to sell it.
What if I don’t get the right price for the book?
Bookscouter scans through the prices offered by online vendors, so the price you’re seeing is most likely the best one you can get online. However, if you believe that price is lower than what you could get, you can go to your local bookstore and ask them for an evaluation of the price or see if you can sell it higher on Amazon or other places.
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