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17 February, 2020 / Mon, 3:08 am

Date: 01.08.2019.

Instacart - How to earn extra money with Instacart

You can get paid to shop and deliver people’s groceries

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Instacart is an online delivery service where you can get paid to shop and deliver people’s groceries.

It’s an easy side hustle for anyone that wants up to $25 bucks an hour. No special skills are required and it can be done either full-time or part-time if you're in the USA or Canada.

Income Potential: $25/hour
Difficultly: Easy

Getting Started

To sign up on Instacart all you have to do is fill a form on their website and wait to be approved. To be eligible you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have a smartphone with Android 5.0 or later, or iOs 9 or later
  • Can lift up to 30 pounds
If you get approved, Instacart will send you instructions on how to complete the full registration. Once your registration is approved, you will have a small training course so you can be ready to shop and deliver goods.

How Much Do You Make?

Shoppers are compensated on an hourly rate, which is calculated by taking into consideration the number of orders, the items per order, the days when the shopper works, etc.

The payments are made on a weekly basis, and according to an article on HuffingtonPost, the hourly rate can go up to $25 per hour during busy hours.

Each client can also decide to tip you, which can be done in 2 ways:
  • On hand – when you deliver the groceries to them; or
  • Through the app – at the end of each order, Instacart offers clients to tip the shopper through the app. 100% of the tips go to the shopper without any deductions from Instacart’s part.
Another way of making money through the platform is referring it to other shoppers. You can send a link to people around you that would want to work as a shopper too and get a bonus for it.

When you register as a Personal Shopper, you can choose between 2 different roles:

Full Service Shopper

as a Full Service Shopper, you can work for as many hours as you want per week without any limit. Your tasks can be either shopping and delivering groceries, or just delivering groceries. To be able to register as a Full Service Shopper, you will need a vehicle that has the proper insurance.

In Store Shopper

the only condition to register as an In Store Shopper is just to be US-based. In Store Shoppers don’t need a vehicle, can work for a maximum of 29 hours per week and on a single store location.

How Does It Work?

At the moment, Instacart has the following offers for customers:
  • Delivery within an hour done by a local Personal Shopper
  • Scheduled delivery at a set time in the future
  • Scheduled grocery pick up from the store at a set time
The most used and basic offer is the delivery by a local personal shopper. Most of the offers function in a similar way, but the basic one is done through a 4-step process:

1. The clients place an order online which contains their grocery list and any other notes they have for you (i.e. organic food, date, fruit type).

2. The personal shopper that is located near the market picks up the order and buys the required groceries according to the list.

3. The personal shopper pays the market with his/her Instacart prepaid debit card.

4. The personal shopper delivers the products to the set address mentioned in the order.

Pros of using Instacart

  • Flexible working schedule
  • Opportunity to make a lot of money during busy hours
  • Can work for just a few days

Cons of using Instacart

  • Items that are out of stock in the markets
  • Complicated customers with specific requirements
  • Unpredictable working hours
  • Not available everywhere


What type of vehicle do I need to become a personal shopper?
There are no specific requirements regarding the type of transport you use, as long as it allows you to respect the required time limits when you’re an In Store Shopper. For Full Service Shoppers, you need a vehicle with a proper insurance.
How do I sign up?
You can sign up on InstaCart's website here